Using color to charm the senses instead of sell the science behind Home Depot’s top-selling paint.

Somewhere along the way, color became more about science than senses. We learned that some colors were “better” than others and choosing the right one meant you needed an expert to help you. In this work we helped lovers of BEHR reclaim color. To make it personal again. Because choosing the right paint color isn’t about thinking — it should be a feeling.


What I ︎ about this.

I’ve always found the names of paint swatches to be oddly intriguing. Who comes up with them? Why do they call them that? All questions that may never be answered, but I loved dreaming up our own answers on behalf of Behr. I honestly love the product and have been using it for years mixing that product belief with stories and using cinemagraphs to bring them to life was a truly rewarding experience. 

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