Dead Irish Poet

As diverse IPAs spring up like dandelions, we believed there was a void for a truly epic stout. We called it Dead Irish Poet Stout. 

Working with Guinness-trained brewmaster Damian McConn, who is currently the head brewer at Summit Brewing Company in Saint Paul, MN. A fine Irish chap who knows his way around a proper Stout. The Dead Irish Poet name sprung from the smooth yet complex, dark and brooding taste profile and higher alcohol content. A fitting homage to the long line of complex, dark and brooding Irish writers like James Joyce, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde.

Logo & Identity.



What I ︎ about this.

There isn’t many things higher on a graphic designer’s bucket list than a beer label. Walking into a liquor store, chatting with the checkout person and praying for some odd reason they ask you what you do for a living so you can point to your purchase and simply say, “I made this.” That may or may not be a true story. Either way, I’m proud to have been a part of this project because of all the fine people involved in making it as well. It really is beer for good, design for good and something I will cheerish...for good. 

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