Deadpool 2

An exclusive candy product only Trolli and Wade Wilson could concieve of to promote the launch of Deadpool 2.

Trolli and FOX Studios worked together to create a new sour gummi that not only tied into “Deadpool 2’s” storyline, but also perfectly expanded Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome universe. The Tiny Hands campaign provided firm package support — from influencer strategies to revealing Deadpool's package live in Times Square to 4th-wall breaking metadata messages from Deadpool himself.

Packaging & Product Design.

Kits & Swag.




What I ︎ about this.

Working with a major film star and a candy company has a lot to like. But I’m most proud of sitting across the table from the team representing Fox Studios and telling them if we were to do a product it couldn’t just be Deadpool’s face on a bag, the product itself would have to be something Deadpool himself would buy if he walked into a 7-eleven. It would have to be weirdsly awesome and a little rated-R. They smiled and the rest was history.

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