To disrupt the category we created one heck of a brand for one heck of a product. Because we all know every dog is a Heckova! dog.

For decades a few big brands have owned the pet food aisle featuring dogs as decendants of their wolf ancestors or clinical patients in need of food that works more like a suppliment than a delicious healthy meal. That’s where Heckova! comes in to offer a premium product in a more playful way that embraces the quirks, names, and personalities that make every dog a heck of a dog to their pet loving parents. 

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What I ︎ about this.

In grade school my friends parents had an ornate hand carved sign hanging in their kitchen that said Kwitcherbeliachin in fancy letters. Trying to be polite I asked if that was a family name or something the found traveling abroad. They laughed and told me it said “quit your belly aching” all in one word and we all started laughin hysterically. Many years later when trying to figure out what the heck to call this new product the idea to combine the phrase into one word crept back in my brain and Heckova! was born. It’s perfectly fun yet conveys that same exotic sense of something fancy the wood sign in that kitchen held. 

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