Michelina’s Grande

To launch their biggest, tastiest and most affordable new frozen meals ever, Michelina’s found a family of believers to turn their value prop into a full-blown conspiracy.

Every company wants to say their product is a great value. Michelina’s is no exception, as they required this campaign to communicate the new size, great taste and low price. Sure. But wouldn’t it be more fun if we found a group of people who believe in everything from big foot to aliens but draw the line at believing this new meal is the great value it claims? Better yet, what if they challenged others to defrost the lies of this “Big Frozen” conspiracy and warned others to trust their gut when it comes to Michelina’s Grande.

The Foil Family.

From aliens to big foot and the well-known fact that the entire continent of Austraila is a lie. The Foil Family is willing to believe just about anything. Except, when it comes to “Big Frozen’s” new Michelina’s Grande meals. They claim this new larger microwavable meal to be big, tasty and affordable...all at the same time. The Foil Family simply refuses to believe a frozen meal can be all three things at once. However, they admit that it does looks tasty. 

Digital & Social.

Brainwashing Kits.

Late Night TV.

Like any good conspiracy there are clues out there in the world. You just have to know where to look and how to access them. To wake up those hungry late night believers this video was created to fill cheap ad buys and challenge unsuspecting viewers to reverse the footage for answers to this mysterious video. 

Fake News.

To seed the truth in select stores this free tabloid for free thinkers contains a coupon and the latest science behind Bigfoot’s little known cheese alergy.  

What I ︎ about this.

What’s not to love about a good conspiracy? What started as a frusteratingly straight forward value proposition was turned into a visual feast and imaginative playground for us to invent, mashup and build on all the fun curiousities we have had since we were children. This project is PROOF that ideas can turn hard-working marketing messages into entertaining and engaging experiences. 

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