Mutual of Omaha

For more than a century Mutual of Omaha has been helping people protect their kingdom. However, the word kingdom wasn’t landing with aging adults emotionally.

To redefine the word “kingdom” we featured a series of grandparents surrounded by their loved ones. In each story the hero realizes nothing matters more than this moment and the people in it. Because while the decision to buy insurance is made with the mind, which insurance company customers choose can be swayed through the heart.

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These stories are based on my own life and the love I have for my family and children. My oldest daughter really did sing happy birthday to her baby sister on the day she was born. The piano in our living room represents generations of appreication for singing and playing music together, and we’ve all been caught in the rain faced with the decision to get angry or start dancing and let the rain consume you in the best of ways. 

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