Intuit QuickBooks

To recruit the next generation of accountants QuickBooks set out to prove itself as the perfect sidekick for financial heroes.

For people looking to enter or reposition themselves in the workforce, a job as an accountant may not seem attractive. But when you think about how they’re often the unsung saviors for so many important, vital, local small businesses, it’s actually a pretty cool career. One made even better with the help of QuickBooks.

Art Direction. 

Real Heroes.

To extend the campaign beyond film we featured real world accountants in social, radio and more.

What I ︎ about this.

Accounting software wasn’t high on my list of dream brands. However, building a brand over time with clients I call friends, learning to admire a target audience I never knew existed, and collaborating with production partners to push beyond what most thought possible has been a truly rewarding experience.

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