The Accountable

QuickBooks is constantly improving its products to make accountant’s lives better. Getting them to pay attention and care...that’s the real challenge.

Like many software companies Intuit improves its product by asking the people who use it how to make it better. But, what if Intuit truly took the feedback to heart? What if we turned real user feedback into brand stories featuring the real accountants who suggested the changes? That could turn boring information into and charming a film of shared ambitions and humility. 

The Films. 

No one holds themselves accountable like accountants. And one of the ways QuickBooks shows how it is accountable to them is through taking their feedback seriously. So seriously in fact, we decided to show a team at QuickBooks getting over-the-top inspired by the product suggestions of two real life accountants, Seth David and Lei Lu.

The Content.

In addition to the films, Seth and Lei Lu’s stories generated fresh content across paid and organic media. The art direction was charming and showcased both Intuit employees and accountants as the cool, passionate and fun people they truly are. 

What I ︎ about this.

There so much to love about this project that happened behind the scenes. Incredible partners, great clients, and an infectious spirit of ambition that turned a small-budget product update into a beautiful story rooted in a brand truth that its easy to love. 

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