The Accountable

QuickBooks needed to turn things around with accountants after treating them like a sales channel year after year.

Like many software companies Intuit improves it’s product is by asking the people who use it how it could be better. Unlike most software companies, Intuit takes that feedback to heart. So much so, we turned two real accountants’ feedback stories into films  showcasing the ambition and admiration Intuit has for its users while seamlessly incorporating the new features of their latest product update.

The Films. 

One of the ways QuickBooks holds itself accountable to accountants is how they take their feedback seriously. So seriously in fact, to bring that idea to life, we decided to show a team at QuickBooks getting over-the-top inspired by the product suggestions from a real life accountant named Seth David.

What I ︎ about this.

There so much to love about this project that happened behind the scenes. Incredible partners, great clients an infectious ambitious spirit that drove a small budget product update to become a beautiful story rooted in a brand truth that its easy to love. 

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